Shri. Deepak Lad


        Former Member of the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission Shri. Deepak Lad, Electricity Ombudsman (Nagpur) has taken the charge of the Electricity Ombudsman (Mumbai) w.e.f. 5th April 2019.

          Shri Deepak Lad is a Power Sector professional with almost four decades of rich, diversified and valuable experience. Shri Lad completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from the Nagpur University.

            He also holds a Degree in Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Shri Lad had a long and scintillating association with the erstwhile Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB), the biggest SEB in India and its successor entity, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL). After Joining MSEB in 1975, Shri Lad contributed to the development of Power Sector in Maharashtra in various capacities at the field as well as corporate level. He rose to become a member of the Senior Management Team of MSEDCL and was actively involved in all policy matters. Some of his notable responsibilities include work as the first Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of the Managing Director, MSEDCL and representation of MSEDCL on the Board of Maharashtra Power Development Corporation Ltd.

             He introduced and implemented multiple cutting –edge initiatives to help MSEB/MSEDCL evolve as a modern organization and serve its consumer in a better and efficient way. His contribution in facilitating the restoration of power supply during the floods of 2005 was especially lauded. He was also a part of a high-level Govt. of Maharashtra delegation that visited the USA for studying the best practices at various US power utilities. Shri Lad capped his illustrious career at MSEDCL at the position of the Chief Engineer (Internal Reforms). Even after his retirement from MSEDCL in May 2011, he remained associated with the power sector by rendering advisory services to various corporate entities.

            His field of interest and expertise include load dispatch, power transmission, and distribution, Techno-Legal issues as well as policy reforms. Shri Lad is an avid reader. Reading on spirituality unwinds him.

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